Dressing the Cabbage Patch Kid


The parents of the cabbage patch dolls are very keen on dressing their cabbage patch dolls in such a way that they look pleasing and admirable.

Dressing the cabbage patch kids does not only involve taking care of their clothes but also other accessories too such as shoes, laces, accessories, toys with which the cabbage patch dolls would play.

Your cabbage patch baby must look nice and for this purpose proper scenting is done and the cabbage patch babies are re-rooted and restored. Scenting the cabbage patch baby adds to the pleasant experience of playing with a cabbage patch baby.

As you all know that the cabbage patch babies are no ordinary babies.  The cabbage patch dolls come with a birth certificate which has their name, date of birth as well as a tag which has their name on it.

For now, among all the accessories of the cabbage patch dolls, we present to you the tennis shoes laces and the weebok shoe laces for the cabbage patch kids. Here take a look:

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10 things You never would have known about the baby cabbage patch

Ever thought of any vintage dolls who most likely have human characteristics. Like they are treated like humans totally.  We talk about the baby cabbage patch here. The baby cabbage patch, when adopted, come with a birth certificate (just like real babies). These cabbage patch kids are given the protocol of a real baby. Given that they are given a name already and  get the love from their parents. However, we bet , there are some things you wouldn’t know:

1- The Cabbage Patch Kids were originally called Little people.

2- Xavier Roberts, the guy who invented these dolls, was an art student who invented his first baby cabbage patch doll at the age of 21.

3-  The cabbage patch dolls got big company names attached to them.  These big companies giving  their names to  the baby cabbage patch include the Coleco, which became bankrupt and then came Hasbro, Mattel, Toys R Us and JAKKS Pacific. And uptil this date the cabbage patch dolls have a name of the company JAKKS Pacific attached to them.

4- There is a BabyLand General Hospital in Georgia. And the scenario which is set up through this baby Land general hospital is that the baby cabbage patch come to life in this hospital.  The place is the adoption center of the cabbage patch dolls and the employees are in the characters of nurses and doctors.

5- In 1985, the cabbage patch did a business of up to $600 million dollars.

6-  These vintage dolls were made the cover of the magazine ‘News week’ in 1983 .. Here is a glimpse of how adorable these baby cabbage patch  dolls looked as a cover photo of the  News Week   :

7- There was a couple in Maryland who have approximately 5000 dolls and they call them their children.

8- Ebay has some of the most expensive cabbage patch dolls. These include the president Obama, the vice president Joe Biden , senator John Mccain and Sarah Palin for 59,999.99 and Donald Trump Cabbage Patch doll for 6,750.

9-  To add to your knowledge, if you think no one can buy these expensive cabbage patch dolls, Aaron Paul  held two of them in a public event in 2006.

10- The  commercials of these cabbage patch babies were really life-like with full of life dolls.

Cabbage Patch Dolls are in the house!


Cabbage Patch Mini Dolls are known for their popular varieties and different trends that have been following in this particular category of dolls. One of these adorable category of Cabbage Patch Kids Collection is the African American Cabbage  Patch Dolls. In order to make the baby cabbage patch look more interesting and intriguing for the kids, the cabbage patch for kids guys manufactured the cabbage patch mini dolls in such a way that on removal of the diaper cover, you notice a pink or blue diaper.


But there is more.


There is a large  number of cabbage patch dolls  variety available in stores with so many different characteristics of making out a significantly better cabbage patch doll. Cabbage Patch Kids mini doll collection includes another doll with brown hair and blue eyes. It is cute to see the round face and short hair altogether at the same time. The round face is somewhat the trade mark of the Cabbage Patch Dolls.



And then there is Cabbage Patch Baby with a dark skin :



This dark skinned new born baby cabbage Patch comes in blue eyes and looks adorable in a blue T-shirt and shorts. The baby cabbage patch comes in a yellow box and is popularly known as the baby cuddle boy.  As you would know the pattern of the getting your hands on the baby cabbage patch. You can name the newborn baby cabbage patch whatever you like. Cabbage Patch Vintage Dolls in the box are another popular category of the baby cabbage patch dolls. This doll represents the cabbage patch doll of the vintage times. With its white hair and classic old dressing, this cabbage patch doll is seen to be the one pretty vintage doll in the market.



















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Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls

According to the 1980s law suit Xavier Roberts was not the only person to craft dolls made out of a very soft material. Martha Nelson  from Louisville, Kentuky  claimed to create these soft sculptured baby dolls. She also said that these dolls at first were her creation and Xavier Robert asked her to create some of these dolls for his gift shop.  But Nelson lost her case, due to the fact that she had not copyrighted her dolls and hence had no clear evidence.


Cabbage Patch Dolls

After that time Nelson came up with her own brand of the hand made dolls. Whereas Roberts came up with the idea of the little people sculptures and gave them the birth certificates in 1977. And then he gathered five of his friends to join him in the Original Appalachian Art work Inc.  The enterprise came up with the idea of renovating an old medical center in Georgia, Cleveland to form a baby land general hospital. The rest of what happened is explained well in one of the previous posts.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Basically, the Real People documentary in 1981 made by Xavier and friends is what  made the idea of having  a Xavier Roberts doll line gain popularity. All the hype of  these dolls at that time, led Xavier Roberts to sign a license  deal with a company  Coleco in 1982. And this deal was really beneficial for Coleco since the sale profit was in billions. There was this ‘Cabbage Patch frenzy’ which seemed to have caught the population of USA.

There were significant events which marked the success of the cabbage patch idea:

  • Coleco sold 3 million dolls by the end of 1983.
  • There were reported incidents in the to shops to get the Cabbage Patch Dolls on one of the Christmas where people pushed each other and indulged themselves in a riot.
  • Such an American Icon these dolls were that in 1985 a cabbage patch doll named Christopher Xavier traveled the space through NASA space shuttle.
  • During the 1992,  the world Olympic Games began in Barcelona and Cabbage Patch dolls became the official mascots of the U.S Olympic team.
  • In order to remind themselves of the Cabbage Patch frenzy, there were postage stamps introduced in 1999 by the U.S.

But unfortunately the frenzy was not there to stay till the 1990s . Hasbro took over the right and several gimmicks were implied to get the frenzy back. But alas! All in vein.




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Cabbage Patch Kids Party Games – Ideas for an excellent party

Cabbage Patch Kids are still as fun as ever, so why not a party with your child’s friends, their special off-siders and lots of Cabbage Party Kids party games? Having a party with all their special friends will make things memorable for your child. So let’s figure out some Cabbage Patch kids party games that you can use:
“Name That Kid” Cabbage Patch Kids Party Game :

This game requires lots and lots of balloons! Write random baby names on small pieces of paper, but make sure all the slips of paper are the same color! In addition to you random baby names, have the names of each guests’ Cabbage Patch Kid on identical slips of paper.

Blow up the balloons, placing one of the name slips in each balloon. After placing all the balloons around the party area the guest try to find the balloon with their baby’s name in it. And of course, the only way to find out if that is the correct balloon is to pop it! When each child finds the name of their Cabbage Patch Kid, they are awarded with a small prize.

African Cabbage Patch doll

“Baby Says” Cabbage Patch Kids Party Game:

This game is just like Simon Says, with a baby twist! Gather the children together, stand in front of the group, and have your guests do things a baby would do. Instead of commands such as “Simon says clap your hands” or “Simon says jump up and down”, for example, say things like “Baby Says, crawl in a circle” or “Baby Says cry”.

And of course, if anyone follows a command that isn’t prefixed with “Baby says…” they have to leave the game. The last guest left in the game is the winner.

Cabbage Patch Bowling:

This game is played using traditional plastic toy bowling pins and cabbage heads as the bowling balls. Ensure the bowling game is on a flat surface so the cabbage does not go off course before hitting the bowling pins. The cabbage heads should be rolled gently as to keep them intact for the game.

If you’re planning a Cabbage Patch Kids party, games add a really fun element. You can use these games as a starting point for planning a really great party.
Mrs. Party… Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for Cabbage Patch Kids party supplies and fun party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts.

The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free holiday printable games and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Themes including Cabbage Patch Kids Party Supplies to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or “just because” parties. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

Is the name of cabbage patch dolls the reason for its fame . Find out here

The cabbage patch craze activated by Xavier Roberts

In the 1980′s there was a magnificent virus that spread over the whole of United states of America. It  is mostly known as the cabbage patch craze , this Cabbage Patch Frenzy  injected a rush of excitement in every person of every age from 3 year old’s to grown ups.

There were so many sales in the mid 1980′s that the Coleco company (the company which manufactured these doll) could not produce them fast enough . By the time of Christmas the company ran short of  the cabbage patch dolls .

Parents lined up days before the opening and fired themselves in the stores for these dolls. Here are some moments of the Cabbage patch craze that was activated by Xavier Roberts.

About 90% of the children wanted  a Cabbage patch doll on Christmas.

the perfect touch added to a family

The Coleco company reported a record sale of over 600 million thanks to the Cabbage patch dolls.But this Cameo of cabbage patch kids lasted short,The sales fell from 600 to 250 million in a time period of just an year’s time.

600 Cabbage Patch Dolls collected by 1 person


Did you know Dan Knowlton? No? Well it is time that you know him because the Cabbage Patch babies have given given him immense popularity. Dan Knowlton has been spending thousands of pounds collecting the cabbage patch dolls over years. He now has a collection of 600 Cabbage Patch kids and has gained immense popularity. Not only mentioned in the dailymail but  also in the Huffington post.


Dan Knowlton is single  and spends most of his time cleaning up the Cabbage Patch dolls and making them wear better and newer clothes.  When asked which cabbage patch doll is the most favorite of all, Dan replied that Robin Linda was the most favorite and he had adopted the baby cabbage patch after visiting the birthplace in Georgia US.  He adopted 10 more dolls from the cabbage patch nursery.

Well that is something really strange for a common man. Wouldn’t one of the cabbage patch babies justify her love for the cabbage patch dolls? To that Knowlton replied that  each cabbage patch kid is different from the rest just like every human is different from the other . I guess that would be the reason of the most diversified Cabbage Patch Kids Collection and he would definitely want to spread the message of love through this.



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Is the name of the Cabbage Patch dolls the reason for it’s fame?

Yes,  you can say that with such a unique name i.e the cabbage patch,  the popularity rate of the cabbage patch dolls  reached new heights.

Say, if the name of the company would have been  the guchi-goo dolls how would that feel?

Many of you would most likely be very anxious to know about the story of the Cabbage Patch Dolls. How did  the name came into being and what were the objectives of the owner of the Cabbage Patch Dolls to produce and think of a name such as this?

The name of the cabbage Patch Dolls were given to them by their founder Xavier Roberts referring to their cabbage-like plum face and curled up yarn hair. What story the kids know is that the cabbage patch dolls are not born like any other baby dolls. But these Cabbage Patch kids collections originated from the magic land fields. The parents of these Cabbage Patch kids are the Cabbages  themselves which make these children named the Cabbage Patch kids.

A man known as Dan Knowlton is said to have a cabbage patch collection of 600 dolls


The boy who found these cabbage Patch kids for the very first time was the boy Xavier Roberts who happened to slip in a tunnel because of following a bunny bee. The tunnel led to this magic land. When the kids asked the little boy Xavier Roberts for a little help, he nodded and said that he will help the Cabbage Patch Kids by finding them loving homes and thus providing a safe home for these cabbage patch dolls.

So the little boy Xavier Roberts grew up and went from one home to the other to find the Cabbage Patch Kids a home. He introduced the people with the concept of adoption and ensured that the kids went in a caring and loving family. Until the 1980s the Cabbage Patch Dolls became a complete frenzy and people would want to adopt a Cabbage Patch Doll and ensure these baby cabbage patch their full support and concern.

The Baby Cabbage Patch Awaits your love!


Slowly and gradually people began to adopt the baby cabbage patch, obviously after following a complete documentation procedure. The names of the Cabbage Patch Dolls were already chosen by the Cabbage Patch Company. But the love and support that these Cabbage Patch Dolls had demanded came from the family which had adopted these baby cabbage patch dolls.




Some basic things you should Know about Cabbage Patch!

Foundations laid by Xavier Roberts in 1876 , the Cabbage Patch frenzy reached its peak in the late 80’s because of the unique concepts manufactured by the company. The difference between this and many other dolls is that this offers the concept of adoption in which a complete identity is given to the doll.

Cabbage Patch Kids

The dolls were at first given the concept of ‘ adoption‘ . Any specific doll when purchased by a customer had been given the date of birth certificate which indicated the age of that doll and a name as well. So that in this way , the child would not get bored playing with the same toy again and again. This ensures a bonding between your child and that specific Cabbage Patch Doll.

Cabbage Patch dolls collection


Cabbage Patch offers not only dolls but also a varied  accessories too. Whether be it clothes, shoes, bags, brushes and many many more , Cabbage Patch manages to keep quality in mind . The clothes are made of a very fabric so that a abrasive kind of touch is not felt while playing with it. Along with that,  very quality plastic is used in the making of the accessories. The clothes are colourful and vibrant. Thus ensuring complete entertainment of your kids.


The chubby features of the doll adds more to the attire once you  clothe them. Along with that  different identities are given to the doll : Hispanic,  African American, Caucasian. The dolls at first were very inexpensive as the stuff used in making of their hair was of nylon and the rest of a very soft fabric. But now  there is a range coming out. They are being made entirely of nylon too and also of fabric. So this explains the reasons of different cost as per  products.

Cabbage Patch Dolls from different areas

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Baby Cabbage Patch Dolls

Have you ever happened to ask your baby that did he remembered himself in his childhood? I am sure he will be curious at a question that  how did he looked like when he was born. In order  to avoid their confusing questions , make them look at the baby cabbage patch kids’ collection .


Adoption gave the baby Cabbage Patch and other collections (of its kind) a longer life line in the the kids’ mind and they could consider them as a existing  part and make them a part of the lives. This idea was also very touching, because it involves a child completely in a kid . The Baby Cabbage Patch accessories  make the vibe of the Baby Cabbage Patch even more  real. The accessories of different kinds are available in the market from clothes to  brushes and so much. A very soft fabric is used in making of the clothes and the attire looks very cute on the  chubbiness of the baby cabbage patch dolls.

Baby cabbage patch

What kids find most fascinating  is the fact that Cabbage Patch Dolls are available in different collections , so that different age groups of siblings can buy them and share them too at the same time. Awkwardly enough ,  different “chick” type dolls are also available in the market  but don’t you think  with the idea of a doll a  very chubby vibe comes to your mind . At the age of such innocence , what you teach your kids will be the reason behind what you show it to them in their future. Hence innocence should be inculcated your kids so that they enjoy their childhood to the fullest and turn out to be happy and successful human beings in their future.

Baby Cabbage Patch Dolls collection

The prices were initially kept low (40.00 $per Cabbage Patch Doll) but that was somewhere in the 80’s  . Now they are available with ranging prices of 140$ so on and so forth. Range in prices is kept low or high keeping in view the cost that comes per doll. At first, the hair were made of nylon whereas the body was built of a very soft fabric. But now it varies from completely nylon made Cabbage Patch to partial cloth and  nylon made Cabbage Patch  designs . Baby Cabbage Patch and other collections are available in a large variety in stores.


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